2022 Programme details
This   year’s   NEG   conference,   titled   “Tools   for   Success”   will   offer   the   most   varied   programme   we   have   ever   put   together,   with   world   class   speakers   and   content   that   will impact every NEG member across the country. Having   not   been   able   to   meet   up   with   other   NEG   members   since   June   2019,   the   conference   will   offer   a   great   opportunity   to   catch   up   with   likeminded   professionals   to discuss business and clinical elements of our business. Sunday 19 th  June 10:00am – Registration and coffee 10:30am - The emotional journey of the presbyope _ presented by Jim Dickson (CPD) This   lecture   will   look   at   the   physiological   changes   in   the   ageing   eye   and   the   patient   journey.   As   well   as   the   opportunity   for   the   optical   industry,   It   will demonstrate   how   the   way   that   we   communicate   and   advise   on   these   changes   can   help   the   emerging   presbyope   come   to   terms   with,   what   for   many, can   be   an   extremely   worrying   and   even   distressing   time.   Even   though   presbyopia   for   some   will   be   challenging,   with   all   the   options   currently   available, there is no better time to be a presbyope! Jim   is   an   experienced   Contact   Lens   Optician   and   has   worked   in   the   industry   all   his   working   life.   He   started   as   a   trainee   Dispensing   Optician   with Dollond   and   Aitchison   before   opening   2   joint   venture   practices   of   his   own.   More   recently   he   was   a   valued   member   of   the   Alcon   Professional   affairs team   in   the   UK.   He   joined   mark’ennovy   in   2021   as   head   of   Professional   Services   UK   and   Ireland.   He   is   passionate   about   contact   lenses   and   enjoys   supporting   eye   care professionals and practices with mentoring and training 11:30 am- Preserving healthy eyesight through AI – for all. - Presented by Prof. Pearse Keane & Dr Wen Hwa Lee Advances   in   Artificial   Intelligence   are   not   restricted   to   self-driving   cars,   production   lines   or   e-commerce   recommendations   -   one   of   its   most   promising   applications   is   in healthcare, and eye care is at the forefront of this revolution. But what can AI do and how can these advances be deployed at the community level? Prof   Pearse   Keane   –   a   World   leader   in   AI   for   eye   care   and   Dr   Wen   Hwa   Lee   –   CEO   of   the   charity   Action   Against   AMD   will   be   sharing   advances and   potentials   of   AI   in   eyecare,   and   how   a   transformation   be   enabled   through   unique   collaborations   between   the   public,   researchers,   charities and the optometry sector. Pearse   Keane   is   Professor   of   Artificial   Medical   Intelligence   at   UCL   Institute   of   Ophthalmology,   and   a   consultant   ophthalmologist   at   Moorfields   Eye Hospital, London. He is originally from Ireland and received his medical degree from University College Dublin (UCD), graduating in 2002. In    2016,    he    initiated    a    formal    collaboration    between    Moorfields    Eye    Hospital    and    Google    DeepMind,    with    the    aim    of    developing    artificial intelligence   (AI)   algorithms   for   the   earlier   detection   and   treatment   of   retinal   disease.   In   August   2018,   the   first   results   of   this   collaboration   were published   in   the   journal,   Nature   Medicine.   In   May   2020,   he   jointly   led   work,   again   published   in   Nature   Medicine,   to   develop   an   early   warning system for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), by far the commonest cause of blindness in many countries. Dr   Wen   Hwa   Lee   (Lee)   is   CEO   and   Chief   Scientist   at   Action   Against   Age-Related   Macular   Degeneration   (AAAMD),   a   research   charity focused    on    tackling    the    leading    cause    of    legal    blindness    in    developed    world    at    its    earliest    stages    with    maximum    affordability    and accessibility.   Trained   in   genetics   and   molecular/   structural   biology,   he   is   an   experienced   leader   in   setting   up   partnerships   and   alliances with multiple stakeholders to accelerate discoveries for drug discovery. Previously,   he   co-directed   the   Oxford   Martin   School’s   Affordable   Medicines   Programme.   Lee   also   advised   government   representatives from   different   countries   and   charitable   institutions   on   policy   and   strategy   to   integrate   scientific,   societal,   and   economic   impact.   Lee   chairs the   HDRUK   INSIGHT   Hub’s   Data   Trust   Advisory   Board   (DataTAB),   jointly   developed   with   the   Open   Data   Institute   to   bring   in   public   and patients at Governance level for a transparent, fair, and accountable use of health data. 12:30pm Lunch 1:30pm - Tools for 22 - Presented by Andy Clark Have you ever been to a conference and come away with a head-full of new ideas and then done next to nothing with them? In Andy’s Tools for 22 presentation, he will be sharing innovative ideas creating more profit with less effort. More   importantly,   Tools   for   22   in   not   just   an   informative   and   entertaining   presentation   it’s   the   start   of   a   6-week   programme.   All   attendees   at Andy’s   session   will   have   the   opportunity   to   apply   for   6   weeks   of   implementation   support   in   group   sessions   with   Andy   and   the   NEG   Business Club   Team   completely   free   of   charge.   They   will   help   you   create   action   plans,   bust   your   excuses   and   hold   you   accountable   for   making   a   real difference. At the end of the presentation you will have discovered the tools that the current NEG Business Club Members say are essential right now. At   the   end   of   the   6-week   programme   you   will   have   properly   implemented   some   or   all   of   them,   and   you   will   even   know   why   M&Ms   are   the   most important sweetie to have in your practice. Andy Clark returned to university after he qualified as an optometrist to study business before building two large practices of his own. Andy   is   an   accomplished   presenter   and   is   passionate   about   creating   training   and   development   that   creates   long   lasting   changes.   This   passion   helped   him   win   a   National Training Award for his Optometrist Development Programme and he was co-winner of an Optician Award for the Dry Eye Project. Andy   founded   Practice   Building   in   2010.   Since   then,   he   and   his   team   have   been   working   very   closely   with   hundreds   of   Independent   practice   owners   helping   them   to   build secure profitable practices. 3:00pm - Coffee Break 3:30pm - Myopia & Its Management:  It’s All A Bit of a Blur! Presented by Andy Sanders (CPD) Myopia   is   a   significant   global   public   health   and   socioeconomic   problem   and   has   been   steadily   increasing   in   recent   decades.   It   is   estimated   that   by   2050   around   50%   of   the world’s population will be myopic This   talk   explores   the   latest   insights   related   to   the   proposed   mechanisms   that   drive   myopia,   the   consequences   of   myopia   as   well   as   management interventions and their reported efficacy Andrew   qualified   as   a   Dispensing   Optician   in   1987   and   has   over   37   years’   experience   in   both   manufacturing   and   technical   dispensing   optics. Andrew has previously worked for large optical chains, smaller regional groups and independent high street practice. Andrews   current   role   as   UK   Professional   Services   Director   for   Hoya   Lens   UK,   involves   him   in   a   variety   of   support,   management   and   training   roles. He   is   not   only   responsible   for   in-house   company   training   but   creation   and   delivery   of   motivational   seminars   on   lens   product,   prescription   and   task analysis to a wide group of professionals both in the UK and Mainland Europe. Andrew   was   a   regular   lecturer   and   tutor   at   Hoya's   European   facility   in   Budapest   and   is   currently   chair   of   the   FMO   standards   panel   and   FMO   lens focus group. 4:30pm Key Note Speaker - Hamish Taylor From   flat   beds   on   BA   flights   to   the   turnaround   of   Eurostar   and   Sainsbury's   Bank,   Hamish   Taylor   drives   innovation   in   businesses,   successfully   leading   them   through   times of   change   or   challenge.   As   a   keynote   speaker,   he   provides   business   insight   at   all   levels,   from   Prime   Ministers   and   CEOs   to   front-line   staff,   inspiring   audiences   with   his humorous stories, practical tools and infectious enthusiasm. If you want a breakthrough, look outside your current environment,’ says Hamish. His   willingness   to   challenge   industry   norms   and   to   place   the   customer   at   the   core   of   all   activities   has   seen   him   follow   a   prolific   career   path littered   with   major   multinationals   across   multiple   sectors.   Trained   in   brand   management   at   Procter   &   Gamble   Ltd,   Hamish   went   on   to   become Management   Consultant   at   PwC,   Head   of   Brands   at   British   Airways   (where   he   was   responsible   for   the   airline’s   passenger   brands),   CEO   of Eurostar, and CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank, achieving this all before the age of 40! The   title   of   'Masterthief'   has   been   attributed   to   Hamish   by   the   Inspired   Leaders   Network,   based   on   his   record   of   innovation   by   transferring ideas   between   sectors:   British   Airways   put   beds   in   their   planes   with   the   help   of   a   yacht   designer,   Airport   queuing   was   improved   with   the   help of Disney, and Sainsbury’s Bank profits increased tenfold by using retail concepts rather than the traditional bank approach. In   2004,   Hamish   established   his   own   company   which   focuses   on   enabling   organisations   to   achieve   breakthroughs   through   processes, product   and   people   development.   As   well   as   imparting   his   wisdom   in   the   broadcast   and   written   media,   he   has   worked   on   Teen   Canteen   for   the   BBC.   A   Fellow   of   both   the Chartered   Institute   of   Bankers   and   of   the   Chartered   Institute   of   Transport,   Hamish   is   also   a   trustee   of   the   Robert   T   Jones   memorial   scholarship,   serves   as   a   non-executive Director of Chartered Brands, and chairs the EMEA advisory board for Emory University (from whom he received the ‘Sheth Distinguished International Alumnus’ award) Hamish’s   energetic,   thought   provoking   and   humorous   keynotes   are   based   on   a   rare   combination   of   real   stories   and   a   fantastic   ability   to   inspire   audiences   with   tailored advice   and   practical   tools.   Regularly   featured   in   broadcast   media,   today   Hamish   acts   as   an   advisor   to   some   of   the   world’s   largest   companies   (and   even   Governments) assisting with specific innovation projects, customer focus and/or people leadership. His blend of engaging delivery, mixed with real world examples from his impressive career make Hamish our choice as Key note speaker for this years conference’ 5:30pm - Conference closes 7:00pm - Drinks reception 7:30pm - Celebration dinner The   dinner   is   a   great   opportunity   to   relax   and   spend   an   evening   with   like   minded   ECP’s   from   across   the   country.   The   three   course   dinner will be followed by a magic seven time national champion and Britains got Talent finalist, David Penn, who will truely blow your mind Dress code - smart casual Monday 20th June 8:00am Registration – Tea & Coffee served in the exhibition hall 9:00am – Menicon’s Myopia Control System in Full BLOOM™ Presented by Josie Barlow This   lecture   will   look   at   the   prevalence   of   Myopia   and   briefly   discuss   the   current   treatment   options   for   myopia   management   and   introduce Menicon   BLOOM™   a   complete   and   comprehensive   system   to   treat   myopia   progression   using   on   label   Products,   care   systems,   protocols and   software   that   allows   the   practitioner   to   monitor   and   communicate   with   the   patient.   Improving   treatment   outcomes   and   compliance.   It will   also   explore   how   offering   myopia   managment   treatments   can   enhance   and   build   a   practice   and   create   long   term   patients   while reducing the risk of dropout. Josie   is   a   qualified   Dispensing   and   Contact   Lens   Optician.   She   has   been   in   Optics   for   over   30   years   and   has   worked   in   both   Independent and   Multiple   Practice.   For   more   than   15   years   she   has   worked   for   contact   lens   manufacturers   and   has   developed   and   delivered   CET   and other   lectures   on   a   wide   range   of   contact   lens   corrections   both   generic   and   product   specific.   She   specialises   in   complex   lens   fitting   and advising peers in this area. Josie   has   conducted   lectures   to   optometrists,   CLOs   and   DOs   at   LOC   meetings   and   other   industry   meetings   and   facilitated   CET   accredited   workshops   for   optometric groups at industry meetings and at manufacturer facilities. 10:00am   -   Contact   Lenses.   Why   they’re   so   important   to   todays   optometry   practice   -   how   can   your   practice   reap   the benefits?   Did   Contact   Lenses   keep   the   lights   on   for   your   practice   during   the   pandemic?   Many   practices   found   the   steady   income   stream   from   Contact   Lens   subscriptions   provided stability and were key to survival . Optometry   has   changed   irrevocably   in   the   last   year   due   to   COVID   and   with   many   practices   closed   for   months   on   end,   the   standard   income   streams   from   the   likes   of spectacle frames and eye tests were not available. In   this   talk   we   explore,   why   Contact   lenses   are   important   to   a   practice,   what   they’re   worth   and   how   an   Independent   practice   can   gain   new   patients   and   generate   loyalty   in existing patients.” 11:00 – Coffee Break 11:30 - Going green - good for you, your business and the planet - Presented by Jayne Abel & James Conway Jayne   Abel   and   James   Conway   are   both   from   Optical   families   who   have   a   proven   track   record   of   supporting   the   UK’s   independent   opticians. Although   Jayne   is   a   qualified   Optometrist   and   has   worked   both   in   independents   and   multiples,   her   family   have   been   in   the   eyewear   industry   for many   years.   Having   moved   across   from   practice   life   to   join   the   families   supply   business,   Jayne   has   worked   closely   with   her   sister   Julie   and   in 2013   they   launched   Eyespace.   James   heads   up   the   Millmead   Optical   group,   which   recently   celebrated   its   75th   anniversary.   The   group   covers many aspects of optical supply with Optoplast cases and accessories, Jai Kudo lenses and Continental Eyewear forming part of the company. Although   they   seem   competitors   in   the   small   marketplace   that   optics   is,   they   both   head   up   family   run   businesses   and   have   a   real   passion   for the   independent   sector   and   realise   that   in   many   aspects   of   business,   partnership   is   essential.   One   area   in   particular   is   sustainability   or   going green.   Jayne   and   James   are   key   members   of   the   Optical   Suppliers   Association   (OSA),   with   Jayne   chairing   the OSA   sustainability   committee,   which   is   focused   on   finding   ways   for   our   whole   industry   to   become   more sustainable and how strategies can be shared to deal with this critical area for both business and individuals. During   their   presentation   Jayne   and   James   will   share   their   insights   of   how   they   have   approached   the   need   for   their   companies   and   their products   to   be   more   echo   friendly,   the   steps   they   have   taken   already   and   where   they   hope   the   future   will   take   them.   They   will   also   share some of the pit falls, the highs and the lows of transforming products and company culture to a more sustainable platform. Although   coming   from   a   supplier’s   perspective,   the   presentation   will   give   delegates   key   pointers   for   getting   started   and   developing   a sustainability plan for a business and show how making small changes can make such a massive difference. 12:30pm – Lunch 2:00pm – Never Going Back: how Covid-19 has changed work for good presented by Peter Thomson The   way   we   work   has   been   evolving   during   the   21 st    Century   as   a   result   of   digital   technology   and   social   change.   The   pandemic   has   acted   as   a catalyst   to   accelerate   this   change   with   enforced   home   working   and   innovative   uses   of   technology.   This   has   had   a   fundamental   impact   on   the organisation   of   work   and   how   we   live   our   lives.   We   are   never   going   back   to   the   rigid,   office-based   work   patterns   but   ware   moving   to   a   more flexible, hybrid model. Leaders will have to adapt their management style to accommodate the expectations of the workforce of the future. Peter   has   been   fascinated   with   the   organisation   of   work   for   most   of   his   career.   He   has   written   many   articles   and   blogs   about   the   evolution   of   new working practices and spoken at numerous conferences on the subject. His current interest is in agile, self-managing organisations. His   interest   in   the   future   of   work   started   when   he   was   Personnel   Director   for   Northern   Europe   in   Digital   Equipment,   which   was   a   pioneering   user   of technology   for   teleworking.   When   he   left   Digital,   Peter   became   a   Visiting   Fellow   at   Henley   Business   School   where   he   studied   the   changing patterns   of   work   and   the   leadership   implications   of   these   trends.   At   the   same   time   he   formed   Wisework,   a   leading   consultancy   in   the   field   of   smart working. In   2011   Peter   teamed   up   with   Alison   Maitland   to   write   ‘Future   Work’   which   became   a   bestselling   book.   His   most   recent   book   is   ‘Never   Going   Back:   how   Covid-19   has changed   work   for   good’.   This   shows   how   the   pandemic   has   had   a   dramatic   effect   on   how   we   work   and   the   implications   for   leaders,   society   and   the   environment.   Peter   is now director of the Future Work Forum, a ‘think tank’ of leading consultants from across the globe. 3:00pm – Coffee 3:30pm – Where and when should I give nutritional advice – that pragmatic approach. Presented by Francesca Marchetti (CPD) Optical   professionals   need   to   ensure   that   they   can   identify   risk   factors   in   a   patient's   history   and   lifestyle   that   warrant   further   discussion with   regards   to   selfcare,   such   as   smoking,   family   history,   etc.This   lecture   serves   to   present   a   pragmatic   approach   to   nutritional   advice, using   fictional   patient   case   scenarios   to   demonstrate   the   key   learning   points.   For   each   one,   peer-reviewed   evidence   is   presented   to   give a balanced pragmatic conclusion. Francesca   Marchetti   is   a   graduate   of   Glasgow   .   She   works   as   a   self-employed   independent   Optometrist   working   mainly   in   Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Francesca   works   for   both   multiples   and   independents   on   the   high   street,   where   she   has   a   keen   interest   in   dry   eyes   and   nutrition   and   the eye , she also works at Midland Eye Solihull in the refractive clinic as well as working as their Clinical liaison lead. Francesca   is   an   AOP   Council   Member   for   the   West   Midlands   and   sits   on   the   committee   for   Coventry   &   Warwickshire   LOC,   she   regularly   presents   on   behalf   of   her profession at conferences, nationwide , her opinion is also regularly asked for by journalists and is frequently quoted in the press , TV and on social media. 4:30pm Conference closes