2024 Building for Success members conference
Sunday 27th & Monday 28th October 2024
East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham
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Following   a   break   due   to   the   covid   19   pandemic,   we   are   delighted   to   be   returning   to   the   East   Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham for the 2024 Building for Success members conference. The   conference   is   spread   over   two   days   and   offers   delegates   a   chance   to   not   only   learn,   but   spend time with like minded independent professionals from across the UK. In   addition   to   the   business   lectures,   we   wanted   to   motivate   delagates,   so   that   you   can   return   to   your practice,   fired   up   for   the   challanges   ahead.   We   are   therefore   please   to   introduce   Sarah   Furness   as   our Keynote speaker. Sarah   was   a   frontline   RAF   helicopter   pilot   and   now   is   passionately   devoted   to   unlocking   the   secrets   of outstanding   resilience,   performance   and   courage   “under   fire”   and   is   determined   to   empower   others with her invaluable wisdom. Alongside   the   lecture   programe   there   will   be   an   exhibition   of   the   groups   leading   suppliers,   who   will   be happy to share how they can support your business. 2024   is   the   45th   anniversary   for   NEG,   which   is   something   worth   celebrating   and   as   such   on   the Sunday   evening   we   will   hold   the   celebration   dinner,   when   we   hope   as   many   members   and   suppliers   as possible can join us for an evening of good food, good company and good entertainment.
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